I lost my account

Guys I lost my 2 months old account yesterday. I don’t have the restore code either. So I can’t get back to my old id. Thought I would stop playing the game. But I started to reroll for a new account (Because I didn’t complete the offline and online story. I thought I would do it later and just played the events. Also I didn’t even play PvP much ). With little breaks between I rerolled for 4-5 hours today (nothing much to do during lockdown). I got nothing interesting. But finally I got a galliodrak about half an hour ago. I was happy and decided to keep this id. Hatched another single and got holycub. 2 legends with first 8 gems!!! (Galliodrak was from the very first egg)
Now I am collecting wild super epics and epics only. Saving gems for the next festival.
Although I terribly miss my old id, I am happy for a fresh start.


holycub is a really great monster worthy as S+ tier monster
is your old account worth to get back?
you can try contact neo monster email or through FB
if i remember they gonna need friend code, last time you play it, and how many monster you got

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I mailed them but they didn’t reply till now

they won’t reply in weekend, gotta wait till monday
just explain as detail as you can to them
good luck!

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Thanks man


help please, I deleted my monsters in my account, can I get them back?

ye hatch’em again