i lost a gem

i will delete the topic once someone answers me
i reached lvl 16 in the island challenge and didn’t get the gem,i am now at 4 gems and needed that gem to open an egg

the gem is gone?

Are you sure that you didn’t just have 3 gems, and now you have four?

i am 100% sure cuz i started with 3,got 1 in the first battle and i was waiting for the 5th to open an egg,i won the battle and then the gem didn’t show,i am still at 4 and the next gem is at lvl 100 which is a bummer,i have a good internet connection btw

Weird, the egg is over anyway though. So that is too bad. :confused:

On a side note, it has been over a week since the last update.

for me with special egg or without it i will get an epic dup guaranteed
today i reach my 100 day with 5 rare gems and i am sure i will be the one who breaks the rules and get an epic monster
from a super epic or above guaranteed egg
i know my luck with this game
9 epic dupes in the ast event

Save your gems until you have 50 to do a ten in one. The extra rare gem is worth it.

If you get an epic from the rare egg then the devs will reimburse your gems.

A ten in one on a festival egg is like rolling a rare egg. It has about a 40% chance for a legendary.

i am strting with 4 for now,should have been 5 but no problem,i will save them for Christmas maybe a special egg will be launched then

In game, you can fine “contect us”

it happened again with gem at lvl 100,same thing i clear the lvl and they give me nothing

Yep not all gems are given

i sent an email to the devs,can they help me?or they are gone?

they will look up to it. if many requests have been sent they will compensate for it