I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories? (Part 3)

Exactly why I covered his ign… i dont want to embarass people… i was just thinking that he might have a plan or something but it looks like it is what it is… poor team building… the player might not know what a solo move is… even i didnt know what raw means after playing the game for a few months… hahaha… im sure when he figures it out, he will spanking some ■■■…


Its the funniest team I have used in a long time. I use it because it’s super fast to end battles and get 80 wins asap

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you mean you just copied it, you didn’t create it? :eyes::eyes:
forget it i was joking

I never claimed I created it, obviously copied some certain Keets. My message just states it’s the funniest team I have played


Iff BACK HOUSE is in there GGs that was a hell of a batlle

Everytime I log on, i see people using arachna+gab…without setup. Must i really teach them how? I did it one season and now it’s everywhere, but no setup XD.

I really hope things work out for Faraon and Shady lol

Off topic, but too small to create an own thread about it, so I post here.

How to obtain monster number 1803?

This imagine is not mine:

This image is mine:

Obtaining Spookoid, Meatoid and Mushaoid doesn’t seem sufficient to get the Monsterdex entry as I observed on several accounts.

Probably bomboid since its 1804. There’s definitely conflicting issues here but im sure devs fix it easily

Oh @Killerdog , I don’t think you need to edit typos of people, especially something like this. I said 1803 and i meant 1803. Since it (1803) and bomboid (1804) (First sentence on my previous post btw) are chronologically in order so it must be obtained with bomboid by logic.

I’m not telling you what to do as a mod no, but you put a typo in my perfectly no mistake post there :joy:


Sorry, I misunderstood what you were trying to write! I was just trying to help without any need for a back and forth about whether you wrote what you intended :slight_smile:



Hi :dove:

@squinty1880 left discord?

I don’t know if King Sellos is here but lol I didn’t expect someone to have apocalypse turned on with their 6th spot Gabrielle! I knocked it back to the end of the team where I thought it wouldn’t do much but the game was slow enough thanks to his Jocodragon and a bunch of other stuff that we actually had 1000s+ passed. I was in a great position to win then apocalypse left me with only rockoids.

I think this may be the one and only time I hear of an apocalypse win!


Who ever " help my network is"

Great fight first draw after a long time :joy::joy:

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Rule is every HP boosted monster has to have their ss on

If you are here, nice game TDK KIRITO… that vixenblade is a legit killer… i thought i got rid of it but great technique to bring it back… hahaha

I’ve turned it on when I’ve had her 5th or 6th while using deus x or shika to switch her to the end with.