I have way to many omegamids

Maybe it’s a good idea to be able to trade them for gems or something?

I have enough omegamids for the next year or so

20 omegamids = 1 legend :wink:

Yeah, I’m up to 14. Fairly confident that I won’t need that many, ever.

Why are 20 omega legend?

that was just a suggestion/joke

Would be so cool if you could trade them to other players for gems or something. But obviously you’d have fairly underleved players with ultra legendaries it would be an issue :confused: I’d gladly give some gems for an omegamid tbh, I have one for 7 legendaries atm, the struggle is real, I feel like deciding which one i’ll evolve is so hard 

I grabbed about a dozen a couple of months back when you could do the omegamid mission an unlimited amount of times. I didn’t even have any legends.

Something of us would give multiples for 1 gem lol

yeah but on the other hand ur so happy everytime u are able to ultraevolve a new legendary. it wouldnt be as exciting if u could get a bunch as easily.

I do have 9 and i only have 2 legends.:frowning: plus the ingredient dor evolving ziberus. I did not spend a single cent on this game and i also have a good super epic team.

12 omegamids. Want gems for them.

give me a few… I still got like 6 legends to ultra evolve :S

why is that players with 1 to 3 legendary have lots of omegamid,and players who have a lot of legendary got only 1 to 2 omegamid,just like my acount banned i have 9 omegamid but 3 legend only

Give you all 6 for a dupe of anything LOL

I’ve deleted more than 13 omegamids so far.