Rate my team pls!

Rate my team and post yours too if you want.
Here it is.

Wow that’s a pretty badass team!

Nice team!

Here is mine ^_-

Thanks rithic! And nice team!! Looking forward to pvp!!


Wow, i need a second job :stuck_out_tongue: i just want omegamid back. I havent seen anyone with that many legends

WTF? There’s no way you pretty much ultra evolved everyone! :o

The Omegamid event was out before. Spend gems on refilling tickets then you instantly have a ton of omegamid.

yea i farmed quite a bit of omegamids from the previous event, so I still have about 5 left

I farmed some out myself, ultra;d 3, got 2-3 omegamids left saved up.