I have an idea

I think that in the game there are constantly monster nerfs and changes … All the time. (I’m not saying it’s wrong) but I’m going to another matter: Imagine, you spend 9 legendary potions (as difficult as it is to get them) …
You spend 9 legendary potions on “magmarius” and suppose that the following month, this monster is nerfed. Now you will not have any more “Link assassin of assassins to all” Then you are harmed. and you are not sure that you will invest your legendary potas in a monster that can possibly be nerfed and you have wasted those potions …
So considering that nerfs are recurring, I have an idea: When a monster is drastically nerfed, there might be an option only in those nerfed monsters to recover half of the inverted LEGENDARY pots . .
Continuing with the previous example, if I invest 8 legendary potions in magmarius and then it is nerfed, when entering the monster I will be able to withdraw half of the inverted potions, that is “4” …
What do you think…

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I would love my +9 Doomengine to not be +9 does that count

it can’t do with current monsters. but with monsters that in the future are nerfed … and you are very harmed( for the nerf ). An example of this they did with ductyon and Forclu. I ONLY SPEAK ABOUT LEGENDARY POTIONS, I DO NOT SPEAK HERE ABOUT TICKETS

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I’ve heard some people say compensation like this is handed out in other games for ANY nerf. I think doing it for anything is a bit extreme. Most nerfs that happen are quite minor. When they need to do a serious nerf to a monster they usually tweak it so it’s still strong under the right conditions or in a slightly different way. Magmarinus was a good example of this… turning dual slayerbane into link slayerbane all. Deathgazer is a more recent example… taking away retreat for a second entrance but adding gravity field (rather than unmovable) and swift backbite that makes it a pretty decent monster for sweeping/control when on the battlefield.

We had the case recently where they did a drastic redesign of Dusicyon, Goldtail and Flocculasaurus. For that they allowed us to trade them in, first time we’ve ever been offered that! I think that was great and it should be repeated in the future letting us trade in pots when something is drastically changed/nerfed. However, ONLY when it’s drastic.

That said, it’s probably too awkward for them to code.

I agree

imagine you spend 9 potions on G.F sunflower and then “nerf” him. Summon bronzeshell with a percentage of 40% … then you wasted your legendary potions and it would be good if they returned half of them

Dude stop flooding the Forum with posts everytime you have an idea please… In the last 2 days you have started like 5 threads and made like 100 comments. Everytime i check all i see it’s you complaining about something. (Now i know how annoying i came to be at some point doing almost the same :sweat_smile:)


I’ll keep opening more threads as soon as I come up with more ideas. This game needs changes gentleman

Nobody asked you to be the community mouthpiece. That’s KD’s role. PM him with ideas instead.

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You would have no chance against the combination of unwillingness to consider other opinions and the power to arbitrarily ban people


@3iNST3iN Sharing ideas is always good! However, spacing them out a bit suits the forum better so we have a mixture of topics people are talking in. I think what other people do is they write down their ideas and let them build up then do a topic with a bunch of them in one go.

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In a few games I have played where there are similar systems(a limited resource used to upgrade characters or monsters or whatever), whenever they do a huge update with a ton of balance changes, they would, for a few days, allow you to get full refunds of that resource from anything that you put it on.(So, if there is a huge update, and character x is no longer valuable, there was a button that would allow you to reclaim all of the boosts that you put on it.

Of course, this is some pretty wishful thinking, since they had no interest in giving refunds when they straight up just stole the potions from monsters all of a sudden, but still, it is a fun idea

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I know exactly what changes it needs.

Unfortunately, I doubt that they still have the original HI source code

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Exactly, That, do you think the devs read the emails?

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I agree

Imagine that it takes you 2 months to get 9 potions, 4 in pvp, and some other event that grants legendary potions. So as there are constant nerfs in the game, the potions that you have invested, you lose them in vain … Since possibly that monster after the nerf no longer serves you. And it is not very far from reality, they already did it with Ductyon and the dinosaur … In that case they returned all the potions, but they could return half.

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