I am not even going to complain anymore...

I am getting tired of not being heard about this…

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

Fix RNG!

Is screwed in many many things, I don’t know guys what algorythm you are using but is not good.

We all know you barely run any test (after Bastia’s passive change which was a disaster is difficult to trust you on testing things), so please for once test that RNG algorythm you have.
Neo is a strategy game not a slot machine game, so keep it a strategy game, if I wanted a game about luck I’d download a casinò game.

I am not going to mention things in the specific, because really the list would be too long.


I’ll add some!

OoO RNG is broken. Because the devs don’t know how to code random moves properly, there is a ~31% chance of one of the enemy mons being left awake and a ~23% chance for each of the remaining enemy mons of being left awake. The mon that has the ~31% chance of being left awake depends on the slots the OoO mon is in. I know that it’s the mon in the third slot of your team that has the ~31% chance if the enemy OoO mon is in 1st slot. This has been confirmed in a trial with ~1500 outcomes, which is a statistically significant sample size.

Sleep RNG is also broken. This needs to be tested to confirm the actual values, but it seems to be more likely to target the enemy mon closest to getting its turn and stun converters (in the case of tranquilizing entrance).

Entrances like grizzleguard are broken too. @pREM has looked into this and found that there are positions you can put grizzle in to get it more likely to target the mon you want to get the first turn. One time I wanted to run an auraleus + give turn troll frontline with grizzleguard so I asked him what position I should make grizzle enter from while keeping auraleus in 3rd slot to take advantage of the broken OoO rng. He said I should put it in 2nd slot because the 2nd and 3rd slots are “connected” so that grizzle is more likely to give a turn to the other slot if it enters at 2nd or 3rd. I forgot to ask him if the same was true for 1st and 4th slot, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case.


Thank you for your insights!

They have answered this before, and they are not the ones who created the rng algorithm, they use a library from unity. :eyes:

Edit: i am totally with changing the rng, but feels a bit unfair to blame the devs for making this rng algorithm. (Unless they have decided to create their own afterwards)


Ah, that makes more sense. How difficult would it be to implement a better rng algorithm?

Never said was created by them, they are using an RNG algorithm created by someone else, and is not working well.

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And again…

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LOL this post is the best one I saw in many times


How long has this been going on? Since release? I’m fairly certain that nothing similar exists in Hunter Island, and I asked some experts in the Dragon Island Blue community, and they haven’t found anything. To be fair, those games were programmed in Cocos2d, so it may be different

for the last time @Dev_VKC hire me to fix these things, all I’m asking for is increased egg odds like @Killerdog

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My honest response to this, CPUs and random functions don’t operate like we think they do. You could get the same results twice or trice in a row even, because of this. That is why you set up means for such things to not happen. On the case of Malwing always sleeping every damn chrono monster, this is done on purpose. The reason the devs did it so is because Malwing has stun so if any chrono monster enters… and that wont make malwing op as malwing is op. Malwing is basically version 2.0 of Gloreonix.

Just say malwing slept your sakuralisk, you don’t need to keep it in.

I reckon what they’re using has some seeding in the code somewhere. There may be a good reason for it, but it’s messing with the RNG on a few specific things like dreamy entrance, death roulette (?) and OoO.

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To be fair, good rng is hard for this sort of game. Some rng is done by using high altitude weather data, the 20th decimal of the overall stock market, and other info which is easy to access but nearly impossible to predict. However, they need an offline mode, so they can’t access it as reliably.

Other rng might just have a counter on some server somewhere, and the outcome is based on that counter. However, this alsoi conflicts with the offline mode issue.

Local rng is often done by collecting a bunch of raw numerical data from the player (the pixel/s of their mouse, the exact frame that they made an input, the length of their play session in milliseconds), and putting it through a complex function (ex: Input frame^mouse movement speed+8.92% of session length) to get a number which, while not truly random, is impossible a player to control, even if they use automated programs. However, mobile devices give so little easily measured raw data (no mouse movement for obvious reasons, touchscreen makes input length hard to measure, mobile devices often vary their framerate) that a good automated program could control rng, so no dice there.

Basically, all of the easy to program “rng” sources likely wouldn’t work for Neo. Cocos2d seems to have had some pretty solid rng, so the 2 og games didn’t have any issues with that. However, with Neo, they were left with Unity, which evidently had worse rng, leading them to use a bad rng program downloaded from the Unity library. Since Neo development started during Hunter Island, they likely didn’t question whether their rng would work, on account of being inexperienced with Unity, so they never bothered to test. Why they don’t fix it now is beyond me, though