Gorgodrake possible first turn bug

Let me start by saying that I’m not talking out of salt. I’m yet to lose a match because of Gorgodrake’s passive, at least this PvP.

Regardless either I’m EXTREMELY unlucky with Gorgodrake, or the monster’s passive is bugged on his first turn.

I kid you not he dies a good 50-60% of the time on his first turn. Once he gets past that he seems to behave like normal: sometimes he dies out of nowhere, but most of the time he stays there sweeping like a madman.

Same happens with his SS on by the way, which is even more weird considering that he should die only once every 12 times give or take.

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD do guys mind checking if something’s out of the ordinary? Thanks.

Since u got so lucky awakening it in 19 packs, the devs had to balance your luck so they made it so your gorgo dies more often on its first turn.


I am sorry to announce that it seems you are just extremely unlucky :frowning:
The code is perfectly fine.


@Dev_VKC has spoken

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RNG in neo mon never fail you, remember that xD

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Wraithcaptain missed both targets five times in a row true story this game is bugged @Dev_VKC plis fix

What is bugged is malwing entrance :unamused: i hate that monster

there was a ~0.097% I would miss all ten of those targets

Can you also check my egg rolls :joy::sweat_smile::sob:


@Dev_VKC check my egg rolls too please, my odds are just horrible lately :pensive:

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You are not buying enough gems with same enthusiasm !

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Yeah you are right, I need to buy more :joy::joy::joy: