I am lucky

I just opened 10 eggs and i got 2 legendarys 5 super epics and 3 epics
I am now happy

How the hell did you get 10 eggs? Did you pay like a thousand dollars?

I was luckyish at first with my eggs but not so much recently.

I really want someone with Assisted X (All)
Or Bloodcrave or Auto-Poison or Unwanted Friend.

My best egg drop was a guy with Protect Focus who becomes pretty invincible with he exception of protect killer - he’s nice.

I got 3 super epics, 2 epics and maybe a few more of each I don’t know how many eggs I’ve gotten. I know I paid 8 dollars and got 2 eggs from it … So 2 + however many I’ve managed to get by collecting gems

Wow good for you. Just started and got Penguino (Legendary) on my first egg. 

I got 4 legendary but only 1 super epic, with a bunch of epic ones. Love the penguin, best one ever !

I feel so happy for you guys…I guess I should find comfort in knowing that I’ve done alright with my one super-epic and like 6 epics that I’ve gotten by progressing to the Grand Four…except beating every battle is like coding an algorithm through tireless trial and error.  And my one super-epic is a shield… 

Any combo you use for the Penguin?