HUGE disadvantage for players

This whole rolling doubles thing is a HUGE FIX. why put the same monsters you already own on the egg wheel??? It’s such a fix to che@t players! Like +1 bonus to a monster is a rewarding after spending 5 gems, YEAAAA NO. Honestly the stupidest thing ever. These things are why I spend less and less time with this game. And you neomonsyer Stans don’t say “Oh just bad luck, hyuck” no it’s called the game is programmed to work AGAINST the players.

Everyone hates doubles
But when you have useful monsters with give turn and purify at +9 it helps a lot

Yeah I’m super excited to get my clioseraph to +9 with the upcoming event

“Oh just bad luck, hyuck”

You can read my mind!

Does anyone even pay attention to the other threads on this forum? Everybody is experiencing this “bad luck” and complaining about other disadvantages in the game. HMMM why do you think?? This game is rigged obviously

Oh yes, clearly, It’s not like egg spins are random and a risk the player consciously decides to take.

lol how gullible are you? I’m actually a data analyst so I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about, thanks anyways troll :slight_smile:

That’s lovely to hear and as a “data analyst” you will be more than familiar with statistics, correct?

Now I’m sure you can crunch the numbers as well as I can, considering my shared familiarity with statistical analysis and probability, so I’m sure you realize how likely it is to score exactly what you want from eggs. On top of that, as I have explained previously, the more creatures a player owns, there is a direct correlation to the increasing probability of them scoring a duplicate from an egg.

At the end of the day, eggs are a risk that the player decides to take. If you evaluate the risk and think “Yup, this is worth it” then you play the egg. Some of those you’ll get what you want, some you won’t, and it’s all down to probability.

I’m talking about the ENTIRTY of the games fixes leading to the disadvantages. Crunch the numbers AS A WHOLE. It makes zero sense. I’m not making it up, it has been through sheer experience dealing with being che@ted out of evolve rate experience using a certain about of training points, the number of monsters on the entire wheel and people rolling 25 times only to receive two new monsters that are just epic level, the spike in difficulty approaching the very last level before a simple reward. All of here factors combined, it is undeniable the game is completely rigged. You don’t have to continuously combat me on FACTS. I already got my refund so, I’m here to warn others and encourage them it is a multiple occurring fix happening to EVERYONE not “just bad luck”. Programmers are hired by the producers of the game and have a set probability that will continuously work against the players, this is how they make their money DUH. It is not a case by case situation. Anyone with real analytical skills wouldn’t be afraid to admit what’s clear as day.

If you were actually an analyst you would have figured out the trick behind the wheel by now. Yes there is a trick behind it. 

The difficulty spike is probably meant to be there, prizes aren’t meant to be easy to get. It’s possible, just difficult, but being difficult doesn’t make it automatically rigged to be impossible. 

The evolve rate is set so that you can’t fully evolve epic or higher monsters in one go, that’s kinda the point. 

You can’t really just point out all the difficult parts of a game and say it’s rigged simply because it’s difficult. Like I can understand your complaints with the wheel, because it’s basically gambling when it comes down to it and that sort of reaction is pretty normal, but the rest of the game is…well…not rigged. 

Calling something having a “trick” behind it is the definition of rigged especially if it isn’t known to players, also contradiction yourself saying the wheel is just a gamble but also has a trick to it. *cough cough* moving on, the difficultly spike is PROOF that it is fixed especially if it is not a gradual difficulty increase. So what is the point of granting 1/10 prizes and the level before the first prize needs to have at least 15-20 (guesstimating) attempts before succession especially with a timer counting down to closing out the entire league, influencing the purchase of more attempts to get the prize with no gauruntee that the prize is even obtainable!! They have u think your going to win up to the last level. How are u going to be that gullible and stand as an advocate for a game that’s clearly not fair/advertising the realistic results of participation. “Can’t fully evolve an epic in one go” what??? Lol what are u even talking about? And even if that is true THATS STILL A FIX haha oblivious to the reality I see.

The egg spin is a bit like playing cards. If you know what you are doing then you can increase your odds, but a large part of it still comes down to chance, because that’s the nature of gambling. There is a method of spinning that increases your odds, but it can only get you so far.

Last time I checked bosses are supposed to spike the difficulty. If a boss is easy then it isn’t a boss. If you’re expecting it to be like the other levels then that’s your first mistake.
Not to sound arrogant but you seem to be under the impression that EVERYONE should get the prize. There has to be a cutoff point somewhere, and to be fair to the game it’s not as solid as some others I’ve played, you can be under levelled and still get through.

In regards to the evolution thing I was trying to answer your last point, maybe I misread it?

Look, I’m not arguing for the sake of it here. Like I get that when things don’t go your way it sucks, especially when it comes to the egg wheel. But if you want to enact a change then you have to be positive. Not because it’s how you feel but because that’s what people listen to.
You don’t have to take my advice of course, it’s a free world after all. But just think about it .

There’s a trick to the wheel? Do tell! I’ve got far too many epic monsters from the rolling as it is…

Im having luck :slight_smile: , no trick! No bug, no bad odds, It’s karma and attitude, and yours is extremly negative :yum:

It’s been changed since the update

Actually I’ve had great luck with the wheel spin I was just pointing out how much of a loss it is to roll a double. Also I was taking advantage of the forum to point out some obvious fixes in the game so people are aware the game is programmed to work against you.

Okay look, dupes suck, I won’t deny that. But have you actually stopped to consider what it would be like if the devs actually removed them? There are, like, 155 monsters with 4 and above, right? What if someone pays enough money to spin it 155 times? Well then, he’ll have every single viable monster in the game. He could assemble a perfect team, and become completely unstoppable. He could achieve literally everything in the game without even putting in any real effort or skill. That also means that there would be no real point in the wheel at all, since there would be no monsters left to get. If anything, doing it would seem to put even MORE emphasis on the ptw concept. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like an even worse scenario than the one we’re in now. But hey, that’s just my opinion right? I have mine, just like you have yours. It’s either a frustrating egg wheel, or a hopelessly broken one. Take your pick.

And you know, the thing I admire most about this game is that it actually has CHALLENGE. It’s not one of those pushovers that are over after 6 hours of play. It takes TIME to advance, it takes TIME to collect items, it takes TIME to figure out how to get past a boss, and above all, it takes effort, strategy and skill. You seem to have subverted it by implying that they made it so hard with the intention of forcing people to pay up if they want to proceed. Well, I can tell you, I haven’t paid at all since I got it, I only have 5 supers and 0 legends, but I’ve made it to episode 4 of the offline story, and I’m well into chapter 5 of the online missions. That sure sounds like a lot of progress to me. I hope you can understand now how you can view a drawback as an asset, if you would just look at it from another angle, take some time to think about it, and actually bother to consider what the other side has to say. Maybe then you can learn to appreciate this game a little more. Trust me, if all the devs cared about was money, this would be a COMPLETELY different game.

But what if you have nearly every monster dupes should reduce the more monsters you have I only need a few legendarys most of them festival exclusive but my chances of rolling them is near immposibe when they come out so they should reduce the dupes slightly as I will have to spend nearly 10x the amount for one monster or they should just remove dupes or reduce for legendarys their not easy to get in the first place

It should refund the gems if rolling more dups for a +9 monster.