How's Arkadion pronounced?

Is it arcade-ion or arkah-dion?


I pronounce it: Ark-a-die-on

I say:


Yep me too!

me too!

Me four!

That was my initial assumption as well but I wasn’t 100% sure because it could also be pronounced Ar-kade-ee-on.

I pronounce it ar-kah-dee-on.

I don’t really pay attention to grammar rules mostly because English seems to be too complex to understand all the grammar rules. At least for me. <_< This is why I failed all the time at spelling bees.

i have the same issue being aussie with our slang, everyone is always like thats not how you say that!

The grammar in here… Hurts my eyes.

I worked with the Australian Army about a year ago during a joint military exercise in the Queensland & Bundy area.  I loved the slang.  So many inoffensive ways to say offensive things. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if it’s because of myself or English not being the first language I learned, but I mispronounce things ALL the time. And I can’t pronounce anything plural with “st”. Like tests or ghosts. It comes out like “tesses” or “ghosses” LOL. My friend nags me about it all the time.

Oh, and lethargy… once upon a time I pronounced it “leth-THAR-gee” instead of “leth-thur-gy.” Sometimes I find myself doing “leth-THUR-gy” too. 

Ok enough about me.

Arkadion - maybe the A should be a long sound? Or whatever it’s called. Since there’s a vowel and then a consonant and then another vowel.

Actually, no. Knowing English, there’s probably going to be an exception. Like that i after e rule. Except after c.

And in words with “ay” sounds.

And in words with “ee/i” sounds.

And ghoti. Don’t even get me started with ghoti.

My ramble is done, please continue discussing the ways to say arkadion.

I’ve found lethargy can go either way with pronunciation because ‘lethargic’ is pronounced, THAR vice THUR.

I feel as though Arkadion is pronounced    AR(as in, how ARE you doing?")-KA(as in ,‘O- kay ,’ the ending syllable being the pronunciation of KA)-DI(as the letter pronunciation ‘D’ in the alphabet)-ON(as in, ‘turn that light switch ON.’)


Hello everyone! Our original intention is that the word is pronounced Arr-kay-dee-on. But it is just a made-up term anyway, so we’ll go with whatever pronunciation is chosen by general consensus.  :slight_smile:

Well, that certainly answers that question. /thread


Okay… time to change my inner voice :open_mouth:

I always thought it was

ark ad ee on