How to make creative strats 🍋 guide

I’m writing this in the hope it will encourage players to try new things, be creative, use some monsters they wouldn’t normally and even consider how they see things. For some, these tips may be obvious, for others, maybe not. This is how to be creative…

The key factors for me are the following questions:

  • What is the perfect scenario for this monster? This is key. If everything goes perfectly, just how good can it be?

  • How do I create the ideal conditions for this monster? What else do I need to make this work.

  • How easy is it to set up and what is the most effective method? This tells you whether it’s really worth it and/or viable.

I’ll use some examples.

The first is Gallio. It’s over 90% speed with a desperate all. Perfect scenario is a Desperate all on its very first turn right?
How do you create that? Enter pre nerf Haniwel to flip it’s health.

Raw - perfect scenario - having 3 other protectors on the field to thin out the team and attack the 4th monsters. How do you do create that? Well how can we give them protectors? Enter rock lock.

Nova - with 42Tu sweeping, the perfect scenario is lock the opponent with stun or sleep and have it kill monsters on entry before they get a turn.
How do you create that? Well stun or sleep lock is obvious, but to one shot, it needs poison. Enter cobra.


Once you picture the perfect scenario for a certain monster, the build can become clear and you can start looking for the most effective method. This is make or break because it determines how viable it genuinely is. If it’s too much hassle or there are too many components to RELIABLY get your new strat to work, move on to something else.

For example, purpie’s perfect scenario is obvious, but is it easy enough to set up? Not in PvP (I’ve tried lol)

Consider where the best place within the team to try your strat is. The FL is best for synergy b cause you can control exactly what starts there. The longer into the match you are, the less likely it is you’ll get all of your required mons on the field at once.

Win/ loss ratio

Don’t be afraid of taking heavy losses. No one cares about your win rate and you shouldn’t either. It has no bearing on ranked whatsoever. You’ll also get people giving your GG brags or my personal favourite: the GG with a screenshot of the result in a massive group chat, but let them carry on. If you’re making progress, don’t worry! Here’s me today

Why bother?

Firstly, it will keep the game fresh for you, especially when you start using monsters you wouldn’t normally use Also who doesn’t love those wacky strategies which no one is playing yet.

Also, it gives you an edge. Rock lock was first around in season 24/ 25 and the reason it was so successful was because even though some players had the means to prevent or stop it, they didn’t because they had no idea what was coming. Anything new you create will have this edge.

So give it a go! Take a look at your collection, find some potential there and go with it! Be aware that often trying to be creative can open you up to stun (which is why I dislike it so much), so load up on stun protection.


now this protruded the most,
awesome tips man, team building is always a prob for me.


Lol this season I used grovodeus as a both backend and frontend mons creating grass link at both places . This strategy didn’t work pretty well at start and my wr came close to 23% but after some modifications now my wr is 47% and I have defeated a lot of players .


:lemon: 0.0 :lemon: there I see a lemon in topic :lemon:. Gimme it


In PvP high leagues, can you use high-tier monsters as bait for attacks to help set up your strategy?

Or do people become too smart and kill what has greater potential?


Great question. The chances are is that you can, because if they don’t kill it, it will tend to cause havoc anyway so it’s a win win for you. Monsters such as Delugazar etc

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I remember keeping angelion and pola along with vineye and many of them tends to kill those

Ahh true but when I have no
Heardcore stunner
Poison legends
Crescendo mons
Sleep immune legend
Dr aps

Then think how much i stufer to get a win😭
And I always in a heavy lose
The only one perfect sweeper was orca but s fox fl kill it too.
:sob: God bless me and give me a Nova from this banner.

I guess that’s the point of being creative. Take the example of Galliodragon and pre-nerf haniwell, there is nothing simper than that.
Of course, the bigger the account the easier the process become, you have more options. But don’t limit yourself. U can even be top 100 with a superepic’s team.


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