New Mechanics

Hey guys i’ve been thinking about strategies lately because i wanted to change my team setup. What i figured out after a while is that the strategies are pretty much all the same. There are some combos but usually they require specific legendaries, so for players without many limited monsters those are hard to pull off. So after considering the different strategies i came to the conclusion that this game after a while (I play since 9 months) gets a bit redundant. I feel like adding a brand new mechanic in the game would shake meta in a positive way creating new interest for old players and of course providing new ideas for upcoming legendaries.
Also there are plenty of possible ideas after all, just take a look at similar games.

Also, if a new mechanic is too hard to implement it would be nice to turn particular skills into whole strategies.
To make myself clearer, putting supporting monsters for skills like Charge/Blast ones, Mortar, the 2 Fairies, or Assisted Moves that are rarely used.
Shifting the meta would be really appreciated since new variety means more fun and more ideas. I’d like to know what you guys think and also maybe what the Devs think :smiley:

I feel the same mate, and been feeling this for a looong time. I think we need more “effect” moves. I mean, im not talking about normal attacks (bloodcrave, throw, timestrike, etc…), but im talking about the ones that brings a whole new aspect to the game - and right now we got 3: stun, sleep, poison (and maybe you can put in here death sentence, but it still goes into sleep tactics).

I wanna see a whole new “effects” in the meta, that will bring new strategies and combos. Right now, it very hard to give a legendery an interesting new moveset. If it going to be a poison or sleep legendery, there arnt much interesting options left that havnt been given before. Look and vulc compare to banedragon. They both great, but almost the same - they just changed the toxic entrence to poison storm. He’s strong, but nothing to new to the meta.

I know you devs can think of something, you had alot of great idea before, i countt on you :slight_smile:
And some ideas because why not:
Slow - make a monster have a ×1.5 TU for attacks
Freeze - freeze a monster. Every turn the monster get, it got 50% to break the ice, or else it got a 50 TU pentaly. make it weak for new attacks.
Burn - damage over time (more then poison), weak to certain moves (should be less common then poison)
And ofcourse alot more options, just need to think how to make them work (haunt, confusion, scare, etc…)

No, the main problem is that all the legeds that can create new strategies are limited. Take sacrifice teams for instance. We have bahamuzar, terragar, burnsalot, metatherion, Dolpheonix. The two enabling monsters(terragar and bahamuzar) are limited legends. Which means very few(if any) people will be able to actually use the strategy. Totally shutting it down.

Sanctistag opens up a lot of defensive strategies. But he is limited.

Hellfox is a combo enabler. But he is limited.

Auro and atrahasis make revival strategies a huge pain to deal with. But they are both limited.

Raizen adds a new dimension to stun teams. Turning it from a way to buy time into a way to actually sweep and keep control of the game. But he is limited.

Tenebris makes stealth a win condition. But he is limited.

The point here is that all the varied ways to win are limited and nearly unobtainable. So the game becomes 1-2 dimensional.

@VKC make some more stealth based monsters. We have 1 stealth legendary. I want to see it become a strategy that is viable. Also, make more ways to get limited legendaries. Having all the interesting win conditions be limited drastically hinders the game’s potential.

Assisted monsters could have a bonus on is moves and made them more common to the meta
Somethink like:
Fire type -30%chance to burn enemy monsters(something like 100-200damage each turn)
Water type- 30%chance to freeze enemy monsters for 1-2 turns
Air type-30% chance to stun enemy monsters for 10-20sec or paralyze them with 50% possiblity to atack or miss it

seems like pokemon? You want pokemon?

If you have better ideas? Please share then
Pokemon have a lot of strategys and types of monsters NM is more limited

I think pokemon strategys its so different than neo Monsters. And i dont like if this game would be like pokemon D’: and in the future we can up speed or attack… Thats will sux ;(

Hell yeah Giappo. That’s what I’m talking about!

Z19 GaryOak

I think they suppose to be limited since with they each side has upper hand, imagine most(if not say all)top 100 players have raizen or zib or tenebris!!!
But I’m agree with you to have more possible way to build a team and I offer instead of releasing leg everyday, why not releasing SE with some leg moves? Like this new SE offer in UC,we can combo them with our currencies leg or SE to build team.right now she is best buddy for abyss.
Again I insist we need to make event to special category, for example UC for rewarding sleep monster,DC posion and so on.this way we will see previous SE like shinobi or blitz again.I really want to get those monsters but tight now its impossible.

F2P Arash

No pokemon! I can’t see it anymore, i support definitely new mechanics but NOT pokemon - like. This game is absolutely different to pokemon, as a new mechanic i would like that the 0 - 3 stars monsters get a legendary buff like Moji or my fav Moguro. I would like to see Moguro as a legendary and can double his attk then with his move which all his def goes to attk. Or to upgrade the whole offline map where on the places where we fought against the trainers like Makara or Thale, like Rematches in pokemon yes but pokemon doesn’t discover this function.
Please new mechanics in this game, not pokemon-like or i could delete this game and play pokemon and i don’t want that. This Game is really more challenge then pokemon.

I don’t appreciate you editing my posts mods. Very greasy.

Z19 GaryOak

H-ell will autocorrect itself to heaven for some reason

If sanctistag was more common then we would see less raizens. However, raizen would still be a good strategy. More tenebri = more defensive midgame strategies. More chromeras = poison strategies less popular. So we get more sleep strategies. More Vulcaroths = more options for poison. More aurodragons = more revival strategies. More bahamuzars = more sacrifice strategies.

The point here is that if everyone had the monsters rather than very few people having them the we would have a far larger number of dynamic teams. Which is a good thing.

Bahamuz does peasant damage. Should be used for healing mainly.

He is an enabler, summon swarm feeds sleep grenade and devour charge.

He-ll autocorrects to heaven. Was a thing before I arrived so don’t look at me.

He does do a surprising amount of damage (although dual throw is pitiful) but he’said basically a rockoid generator

Does stun bomb create reincarnations?

it does, but you can’t reincarnate reincarnations

You can however alternate between necromancy and reincarnation on a monster to revive it indefinitely, which is what i’ve been doing