How to get to the Reijn Cresent

It says to use a warp gate to travel there but I can’t find it

You can’t find what? The island on the map? It’s right below the ice area’s west side. You’re going for the town of Reijin. I don’t actually recall what I did at this part, but I assume you can teleport to there from Yelan in the ice area since that’s the preceding town. Is that what you tried?

U need to defeat the ice first one arkadion and then follow the storyline

Thanks I figured it out anyway

I cannot find this warp gate for the life of me. I completed all the quests. Can someone help me out perhaps? Its very frustrating to have gotten this far & being stuck. ):

Thank you!

By the way, I did follow what was already written on this topic previously.

After defeating Esapid, I think you need to go talk to the Princess/her father. I’m not sure if that’s correct, but I vaguely remember that having something to do with moving forward.

Ah, duh. That’s exactly what it was. I feel dumb now. Lol! Thank you very much Crystal. (:
Where do I go once I get to the next city/town to acess this warp gate though?

The guy from the Order should tell you. I think you talk for a bit in Reijin, then you go to Deucalis, then to the Tower.

Arrived to the tower & the guard tells me that no one is allowed in there?
Found Reijin. I think I am good to go now. Lol. Thanks!!