cresent island

anyone got a list of the rare / high lvl arks you can find on the cresent island???

thanks in advance

U can Find alot of high lvl arks but not all are catchable

where can i catch some good high lvl arks

to fill my team up with

Well u would look in the where is that monster thread and look at lachzeers topic u need Those arks and lvl Those up

ok thanks i have all the hatchlings and staters btw

Not only Those :stuck_out_tongue:

How do i get to cresent island. Do i just keep going with the story? I’m up in the temple where the ice serpent is.

Yeah, just keep following the story

If U follow the story u will get there eventually… 

You can use my monster lists to figure out where the rare monsters are located (as well as Lachzeer’s topic. His includes pictures, but covers only some monsters).

For monsters specific to the crescent island, simply search for town names in the crescent island.

So excited just got a skull Rex and fused it into a plasmorex

Moved to General Discussion. You’re not asking for monster locations here.

Post your questions in the right topic. This topic has nothing to do with the ice temple and therefore I’m deleting your post.