I need help on a quest!!!

Im up to this part where i have to find the kings daughter or something this guy tells you in the snow biome. Ive check every town for a quest where am i suppose to go? Help would be much appreciated.

In the cave northwest of Sholai near the coast :slight_smile:
Hope this helped

thanks for replying but i go there and theres a henchman that says "Get out!

Defeat him? To go further into the cave?

it dosnt let me vs him he just keeps saying get out and nothing happends. is there somthing im suppose to do before going there?

So you did take the quest? Maybe you missed someone. If not try to go deeper. If that doesn’t work make a thread in bugs perhaps. I hope a solution is found for you soon. ):

i have 0 quest now ive been to every town done all the side quest and all the exclamation mark quest but i dont know what to do. It may be a bug but like i said i might of missed somthing or someone