How to get Altermid?

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD great job on adding new ingredients to SPU event, but I think would be helpful to have a source of Altermids too.

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I think it's available in the special ingredients missions where we can play for only a single ingredient

@X_CHEEMA_X you got to stop replying old threads its illegal unless its very important

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DonT break the law it’s against forum rules

Who said that? You can revive a thread anytime.

Unfortunately there is no confirmation from anyone about it.

Oh! I apologise for that. I didn't know the forum rules. If there's something like that then please tell me how can I visit the forum rules page

Yeah! Even I think so that’s why I asked him about the forum rules page. Well ! Thanks for supporting :blush:

That reviving rule is referred to “reviving” for no reason.
If you have to ask something you must use an existing thread if possible.

did you got the answer @DonT89 ?
even I really want three altermids

I need 2