How quickly do you need to be

Just finished haniwel mission at 11:44 GMT and didn’t get it :(. I haven’t got an OM monster yet so though I would. Does an hour make that much difference.

yes :slight_smile: many people complete dungeon within 45 min and after that it is extremly hard to get OM Arc so if u know u wont be lucky with time try to get Arc from egs :]

Yeah OK was at dinner party and didn’t get back home till 10.45 started at about 10:50 Is that to long to try for the OM monster?
Even if you are in the 10% group

I got mine 2 hours and 30 minutes after launch. I was in the 10% group and got mine.

What this weeks one?

It’s pinned in the Subforum, Haniwel