How much time it would take to hatch a legendary

Can someone please tell me how much time it would take to hatch a legendary

You could hatch it fron the get go, just keep rerolling when you start an account

The only legendary I have is hellfox that is not of much use and I can’t complete the story …WTF

People have completed the story mode with zero legendaries.

Obviously not me

I have completed almost whole khanate invasion with purpie which is a super epic

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Hellfox is one of those monsters that gets often discarded because it doesn’t bring immediate value, but I assure you with some building around it can become very dangerous to have around.

For example, placing it together with a Stun Bomb monster to immediately charge Double Retribution, and with a Stunning Entrance monster to resurrect him and instantly Stun the enemy team.

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And with a give-turner, it will use it’s bloodthirst. Easily 3-5 kills.

I made another account and my very first hatch was a legend- valzapup. But that account got lost because the game got deleted from my phone and I didn’t save the restore code.

And I had a lavafeather too as my second legend in my 5th or 6th hatch.