How long before i can get a legendary?

Trying to get a legendary.

long time
hatch eggs

I think there should be more last bitter in the game,not only legendary, maybe even 1 star monster to make it more challenging, what do you guys think about it

No. Last bite is amazing enough that one should have to work for it.

last bite with no hold the ground maybe for epic monster

i am at rank 46 and did not have any Legendary monster yet… sad thou…

Keep playing! I have spent nothing and have 13 legendaries. Patience goes a long way :slight_smile:

Keep trying for those 10 in 1s

mine rank 49 not had even one legendary monster

It will come :slight_smile:

40% chance of getting a legendary after playing the game for 100 days.

Today i get two. Free gems

You have to spend a lot of time on unlikely chances.
If you are not lucky, you will be in great stress after a long period of time.

playing for 3 months and have 5 legendaries i think i am lucky also my 100th day on next day.

Welcome to the clan :slight_smile: glad to see someone else who does F2P

Thanks you said before that if i have 5 legendaries then i can join you. so now i am officially member in your clan.

I actually said 3. 5 would be a bit much.