How many icons do you have?

Curious to know if there is around an icon collector!
What is your number of unlocked icons?

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I’ve got 4 full pages + 13 on the 5th page

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For a total of 181 icons!


So you have 141! That’s a lot for a F2P

Did you get the top icon 50x30 times?

Could u plss tell how u got that bronzeshell and rockoids icons??

Bronzeshell is of motordragon and rockoid one from my buffed rockoid

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I dont have a lot

I add a new PvP icon @Killerdog


And Raghnius may be the first to have it in the game!


No top pvp and UC icon? I though you have so many awaken myth :thinking: :sweat_smile:

I get bored after awhile with ultimate challenge. I get to the 200 floor and call it a quits. I get bored easily with it. Far as pvp. The way today’s game is I would never reach the top . I refuse to use certain monsters that everyone else use. And that’s the so called s tier lengendary monsters everyone use.

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so u bored bcoz u can’t win again them? when u already have so many awaken myth.

Omg your not listening. Ultimate challenge is boring to me. I don’t look to win any ultimate challenge because I choose not to go that far with it

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I m talk about pvp ,fool.I know wht r u talk about uc

Please talk correctly

The 50×20 icon is the official femboy icon

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I’m proud to say I didn’t use a single monster mentioned in the PvP report and I got 3rd! The ONLY thing was my Polareon in 5th spot, which was 6th on the list for most used in 5th spot.

@INA-Archer Please speak more politely to other people here