First Gold Egg

Hey guys,is it possible to land on a legendary with the first egg? Because I’m restarting the game and I don’t know if I’m wasting time just opening the first egg and restarting again. Obviously I’m trying to find a last biter,but if it’s impossible to find it in the first egg,please let me know.

Cheers guys,thanks for the help

It’s possible

It’s possible but could take a very long time. Even if you land on legendary you then still have to hope you get a last biter. In the long run it will be worth it though

It is possible.

Yeah I know that it is possible, but I tried it like a thousand times. Didn’t get a legendary. So I gave up, but I know it is possible because my mate got the Don. Hate my luck…

I’m still trying,started this morning and still going…no legendaries…

It takes a while. I got one every 3 hours of non stop doing it.

Lucky bastard…

I got penguini my first try it possible

Took me 5 days

my little bro tried for a week(while there were 13 free gems). Nothing but epic. He stopped when he found Razorfin… I guess it’s very hard to get a legendary from the very first egg!

Fucking finally did it,thanks guys!

Congrats ;)D

Didn’t know about this trick until I was a good bit into the game lol. Oh well