How I Spent My Friday: A Dissertation

Hello Neo Community! I’m sure that everyone has noticed a bit of a back and forth between myself and @DMG_Rocket occur yesterday.

I apologize for the time it took for me to reply; although the state in which I reside is literally on fire, I had some social commitments in the real world, as it was a Friday. I logged into the forum this morning to see quite a lot from my pal @DMG_Rocket, so I thought that it would be prudent to create a tl;dr version for the community.

Below is a literal 1500+ word essay from @DMG_Rocket that he spent his Friday writing [Unfortunately the forum does not support the uploading of Word Documents so that you guys can verify the word count, but trust me on this one]. Besides some punctuation and formatting, this is entirely written by him. He put a lot of effort into this, so I would appreciate if the you guys would grade this as if you were grading a college paper. In the comments below, please post a grade and why you graded it that way.

Pro-Tip: This is much better if you read it out loud


How I Spent My Friday
An Essay By @DMG_Rocket

I figured that was you, I enjoyed it you can BM all you want you waste just as much of your time as mine. [Edit:GG] Don’t remember doing that either way, I was looking forward to the BM bro. Also, I’m pretty sure link water beating link fire lost me the match but I’ll allow you to take a victory lap since it means so much to you, notice how I didn’t run the multiple times I had the chance, wanted to make sure you felt like a big man for once and predictively you couldn’t wait to run to the forum


See that’s where you’re wrong, you think I care whether I win or lose in this game? Doesn’t change the fact you got all hot in your pants after beating me so it must of meant the world to you. What problem? I thought we were having a conversation you’re trying to make it bigger than it is good try. What does this mean? Lol I hope you you stretched because you are reaching right now

@NMEGaryOak look I get it you thought you would be the one to vanquish me and you’re not, you are and will continue to be nothing but a little troll that craves attention, I’ve given you the attention you so desperately crave you should be happy! Also I’m a little bummed you didn’t like my joke.


You’re very quick to run to the forum after our match it must have meant alot to you, I’m honored truly! @ONEduck no offense because I like you but this a A&B conversation. Awe Gary the fact that you think that you’re a problem is cute, you’re a troll and trolls don’t matter sorry.


Winning or losing doesn’t matter to me in this game, it only matters to those who have no life and cling to the little fame/notoriety they get from it , what he doesn’t know is that while he was BMing I was making money so I literally enjoyed it. Once again I’m having a blast bro, you really think you’re somebody because you beat me in a kids game it’s hilarious. Speak for yourself on that one, it’s funny seeing how seriously some of these clowns take it, you can tell it’s literally their greatest accomplishment. Are you seriously bragging about winning a kids game bro? Proves my point.

@NMEGaryOak umm n64 was my favorite so super smash bros or donkey game racing would be better I don’t play those little girl games you’re talking about. I’m seriously starting to feel bad for you @NMEGaryOak being a Neo troll is your claim to fame.”



This I will give you I should be shunned because I love that show and it went right over my head. I’ll get the golden gun first then it’s a wrap c’mon bro at least see me in some Tony hawk pro skater, you might have a chance




[Part owner of a legal cannabis dispensary so technically i want all the smoke]

Honestly this was fun @NMEGaryOak we should do it again. Yes, pls let’s try to have the longest pvp match on record. That is a podcast that needs to be made.

Chapter 2

First of all don’t believe everything Gary’s says I only have one woke mythic, he wanted to make it seems like he’s so bad a$$ and I let him, seems you fell for it.

Second of all it took you what 3 days to think of a comeback and you had to piggy back of a another conversation

Third my post flaming you was deleted, please check your facts before you come for me

Sparring with you clowns is far more entertaining than playing Neo cause yal take it soooooooooo seriously it’s hilarious. How long have you been playing this game? Are you just another ol’ timer who’s only validation in life is beating people in Neo and bragging about? Are you really that sad? I take disrespect seriously you’re not gonna come for me and think I’ll be silent you can interpret my interactions however you like, but I could care less about Neo tbh

I don’t need to do anything or prove anything to you s that’s where y’all go wrong by thinking this shxt really matters

Also, last time I checked you’re in these forums too

So I’m just supposed to let people test me? NOPE SORRY CAN’T DO THAT!

Naw I’m still relatively new to this game but I’m done with you troll after I learned you’ve been at it for 5 years you’re no longer worth my time you’re just sad. @NMEGaryOak is a little troll with no life still harping on a battle that happened over a day ago let it go bro, we all know neo is all you have I mean you been at it forever such a sad little troll. This might be the saddest thing I’ve ever read in these forums. I just wanted to make sure you know how sad you are troll.

Hahahaha didn’t know this thread existed and what do you mean he’s a mod why can’t he ban here also?

It’s honestly too easy to pick on a little troll such as @NMEGaryOak I mean the dude has no life beside being a neo troll and I’m pretty sure I just got him banned for a little while from doing what he loves most which is trolling crawl back in your cave little troll but don’t worry I’ll be waiting for you. He has yet to post and trolling every thread like the little troll that he is is uncommon ok come out of your hole troll @NMEGaryOak Well I hope you’re laughing then because the little troll is m.i.a. bet you didn’t see that one coming with your superior startegy huh troll??? You messed with the right person today.

“[Dog] got you tounge? Fuxking [clown] hop on the forum real quick and tell me all about your superior startegy you’re so proud of little troll. How does it feel to not be able to do the only thing that brings meaning to your life little troll you should probably kill yourself no one will miss you anyways little troll.” - @DMG_Rocket via DM

@NMEGaryOak what do you call a little troll that can’t troll??? I’m ROFL he only thing that makes his pathetic little troll life meaningful has been taking away and the fact that it’s because of me is even funnier but don’t worry you can stroke yourself to our old pvp video to keep you company. I know you’re reading this hot as hell right now and I just want you to know that brings me so much joy just in case you forgot trolls don’t matter which means you don’t matter I know it hurts but it’s true you don’t matter little troll and you never will.

@ONEduck that little troll thought he would be the one to shut me up and ironically I shut him up. If he’s been trolling for 5 years he’s bad at it which is even sadder since it’s all he’s known for the pathetic little troll can’t even troll right, and hell yes I take it seriously he came for me thinking he would be the one to shut me up and I told him early on he won’t be he didn’t listen, and now look at his dumb@$$, silent as a church mouse and can’t troll this is so much comedy I swear. Also I can tell this is long overdue I read the first reply on this thread and it was about that little troll so he obviously he’s been a problem for a while!

@ONEduck just because you all allow him to step on you doesn’t mean I will.

That little troll is a loser, always has been and always will be. No one wants to tell him so I will the BMer is now being BMed @NMEGaryOak will come back trying to convince everyone how clever he is with his superior strategy like winning in neo is an actual accomplishment dude is soooooooooo sad I’m actually helping him realize the trolling he’s been doing for 5 years doesn’t matter and no one will ever love or like him. I can’t believe you guys let that pathetic, worthless little troll terrorize these forums for 5 years. Trolls don’t have feelings they are worthless pieces of garbage like @NMEGaryOak

Plus I already told you I got that bottom dwelling little troll banned, he’ll be back soon spewing his usual nonsense pandering for likes and attention like the little gutter trash troll he is.


I’ll give it a B+, a little repetitive and long for my taste, but overall a good read


The little troll has resurfaced to look for pity from the community he has terrorized the last 5 years :joy:you’re still a sad little troll.

I wonder if KD was able to proofread this first?

He read every word he even edited one of my posts lol

Lol called it.

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Lucky for you he did, if he hadn’t added the punctuation and grammar checked your grade would’ve been a C at max.

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I appreciate the honesty I was always a c student but now I’m a rich a$$hole.

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You spent a Friday writing a 1500 essay about Neo Trolls.

@DMG_Rocket , don’t ever accuse anyone on this forum of not having a life


I was trolling you you idoit. And I stand behind every word.

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I’m gonna put it through paper rater and see what it gets lol


Lmk what grade you decide on @ONEduck I would love to hear your constructive criticism

Lol what is that? sounds useful.

Put it through and see if he plagiarized

Also, quick editors note, I had to remove emojis so technically the word count quoted in the first post is lower than if I included the emojis

It would come up plagiarized I bet because it literally was copy pasted

I mean from somewhere else in addition to here

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Are you in Cali? If so you should send me your Addy, little troll let’s see how tuff you are in real life.

Ok so here’s what paper rater had to say: eight spelling mistakes, eleven grammatical mistakes, quality of transitional phrases better than 33% of people at your grade level (sixth grade btw), and an overall score on 83 so not too bad.