How have Arky or Arkwing ?

I want to have Arkwing please tell me how ?

capture 101 different arkadion, and travel to the castle in Agramis. That’s the reward.


No problem.

Tiberius u play the spartans strategy game?

Please keep this on topic

Actually, you have to capture 101 different Arkadion *FAMILIES*.  I.E. your starter arkadion counts as ONE family.  It’s evolutions don’t count towards the 101.  So any Arkadion you have at any evolution level counts as one.  So you’re going to actually need a lot more Arkadions, since the evolution trees don’t count as multiple Arkadions.

I have 90 so far or more I think now 

Sweet that easy compared killing one of them (note: I’m in the ice area and still haven’t killed the monster