How are you doing? Like Pro players to comment to help as well

How far should I be? i been playing for about a month and am on episode 12 in main story first strike. and have did the expert on all other stories.

You should be as far as you’re capable of. Don’t know why you want a metric to compare too.

I would say the real indication of progress is UC rank and PvP rank.

The better you are the better prizes you get too :wink:

The real question is how much money have u spent on the game?(;:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

It’s not a race bro. Take your time, enjoy the game, use your brain to work out difficult battles. Then you’ll be fine.

PvP I can get to some extent but UC is sadly more about do you have goldtail, Gear, polareon, BB, Soulstealer and dr cloners, really.

Pvp and uc are not real indicators sadly

As for uc
It depends on do you have gear ss gold + alot of freetime

As for pv its who grind more. Or lets just say who has more freetime.

The real indicator in this game is team making, how to make the best use of your monsters.

Let me rephrase that, getting into the top 50 in UC and PvP does have a grind element to it.

That being said, I interpreted the OP as @Lightjump asking how to track his own progress, and I would say the rank you finish in UC and PvP comparative to the previous one is a best indication of progress. I don’t expect you to be top 50 after a month of playing, but you should be doing better than you did the time before.

And you don’t need a ton of time to do UC @Mr.X I posted a video on Line of me beating gk 1000 in 3 minutes, although I’ll admit my strategy requires a few limited legends :wink:


Oh really ? In 3 mins! Can you link it

Yeah, battles don’t usually last more than 3-5 mins. Some exceptions which put it to 5+ mins

ok cool, i hear people talking about winning strategies and all that and i know nothing lol, so was wondering.

Winning strategies are basically a combination of monster put togather in order to gain control and take advantage in there combination.


1-One on one with sleep immunies on your team.
2- Stun link. Where you will have 2-3 stunners behind each other to stun the opponent to obvilion and then start taking one at a time while keeping the remaining monsters stunned.
3-link, were water and holy are the domint right now. Usually with link strategy you need alot of the newer monsters at your mid game and end. (Cough cough stun immune convetor magma) because once the link is broken you need to be able to start sweeping right away.

Link water is bulid around gyo
Link hold is usually bulid around Black beast.

Other startiges such as auro+protectors are starting to rise up but since black beast and gyo is common in higher ranks these strategies get shut down by them.

ok cool thanks