Horrorclaw & Cryptblade answer

Hey guys not sure if anyone’s mentioned it yet but I said yesterday I’d make a topic when I have the answer.

Sadly I have to tell you guys the nerf of horror and Cryptblade was intentional it’s not a bug.

Just as I expected. It was not a feature lol. Rip uc.

Well IMO that’s just made them semi useless… Quite unfortunate

They lost their place in the game 

WHY did they do it

Crap I don’t agree with the devs for once, this was an interesting way to battle through this event, now if you want to get in the top ranks, just prey for having sleep legendaries or bovolcus and soulstealer …

that´s quite sad to hear I´d really like to know the tought process behind that decision

I was able to get top 50 mainly due to their help and my soulstealer, looks my UC runs are going to be a lot worse.

To me using a superbuffed monster was really fun for some reason. I enjoyed uc because of it,sad to see those days gone

I don’t know why I just know it ain’t a bug. I reckon it’s because UC should be something they’d like their paying player base to excel and horror and crypt are free monsters. I guess that’s why.

What I don’t get is why they decided to use crypts ability as part of a count lector arena challenge to revive a buffed monster then all of a sudden they no longer want to have that anymore. But yeah I can see that as the reason hidan, still though a crappy move from the devs

If u have seen the movie then you will get it

Lol, exactly this. And still no words from devs about this…

Lamest nerf

Hi, if you guys are as disapointed as I am, wouldn’t it be a good idea to ask devs for at least an explanation ? We could create a topic with votes, because they don’t seem to be checking topics like this one

Actually i plan to spend on 22oct whenever they came with big event, but this things kinda stingy and give me a second thought about it.
I will hold my gems till another goldtail or polaereon came again later
Off course i wouldnt spend any till that happen.
They are god for now.

Basically this. The value of horror and crypt are above most legends for UC.

I assumed from the start that bringing back monsters with buffed stats were not intended, and that they fixed that to work as they were meant to. While nice for players (especially f2p) the fact that they went around the event points in a way makes it understandable that they fixed that.

Does atra get nerfed as well?

they made a count lector´s to show you can bring back buffed monsters, so ofc they knew it and it was intended. (A Dragaia with like 1 billion HP afaik)