Help? Need holy arks.

So here’s what I’m stuck with. I haven’t been able to beat the big bone guy (sorry I forgot his name, it’s like dugom or something) and I think
I need some holy arks to help me out. Does anyone know where I can find some
Good holy arks? Or can someone help me with a strategy to defeat him?

Angelon is the best holy ark but there is also Luxknight, Shadowstalker, Meowzard

i think you mean dahag, you need to destroy the machine in takran dungeon first.

Can you tell me where I can find it? The furthest point I’ve made it in the game is Takron. I can’t actually go outside of Takron because the big guy is there. But it would be beneficial to have some
More holy’s that I can use I think.
@icekoo, I have destroyed the machine. I’m just not so great at the game and can’t defeat him. He literally wipes out 3/4 of my team before I can get a move.

Train first or do the missions before the tunnel , nothing else can help u 

At your current area the only holy monsters you can get are sanctolamb and cherubion.

Owh yeah… well try other things? I dont remember how I defeated him…  SORRY!

I got lucky with my team without any holy arks hmm try getting a cherubion you can find its 1st form cherub north east in the mountains of windon

I think I got lucky there aswell , I died several times before I managed to win due to bonus actions:P Same thing in last arena haha

You could also get Halocat near Ergan, but that is really the only holy ark I know of

Thanks everyone for your help! I’m going to try to train while getting a cherub. I appreciate your help and if you have anymore advice, I’m willing to learn :slight_smile:
Oh and how do you do other missions before the tunnel? Like I said, I have a lot to learn!

You could do other missions before the tunnel by going to the other cities you have already found and there is a building in the city I think is called an outpost, but the picture is like a sword with 2 wings. There will be a number or none right on the picture, so if there is a number, click on that buliding and click on new quests. There are many quests to do which can help. You get silver/gold/egg/ and there are like 1 or 2 quests that give you a gold egg. Hope this helped somewhat. :slight_smile:

That helps ALOT!! Thanks so much blue jay!! :slight_smile:

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Try putting your starter at the end of your line up so he can use last stand. Also, if you have arks with stun skin throw them in right before your starter.

Actually for his area halocat is available…

Get leviathon n cherubion = angeleon

Put loads of stun arks infront of your starter. Like literally the first three have stun skin then the rest should have flash bomb. Then just last stand to your hearts content.

you have to get angelon by using the gold mission egg spinner it’s 149 for this Easter you pay with gold

Get a luxknight