Holiday Celebrations!

Good people from the community! I know there are many happy with the new system of gems … I was not really lucky (11 packs of 40 gems thrown away)… I wanted to ask if someone read or knows when the event “Holiday Celebrations” ends, with luckily I hope everything returns to normal xD



No. This should never end! NEVAHHH

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Hahaha! How much evil is in that impure heart!

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But I’m surprised how come u ended up with nothing from 11 packs !

In Neo Monsters it’s holiday every day. When do we ever have to work at our ranch?


They were 7 in a row, 1 only legendary repeated that I have it in +9, then there were 2 packs and 2 packs in different events …
Then I paid and in 2 packs something new came out … But this promotion was not really positive!


Save your gems for the Diwali festival


GaryOak, I thought you were going to spend your gems on me for Valentine’s Day :’( I’ve got my gems saved up for you.

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The event does not appear anymore! I hope everything returns to normal!!

Eggs still cost 4 gems -> thats your answer already

For the next event my dear …

It’s gonna remain like this for at least another year based on certain info in the forum!
I’m so glad I can get more featured this way !

4 gems is pretty cool makes farming eggs a little faster

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I’m surprised you are optimistic about this given ur unlucky rolls !

Despite my bad luck it’s still good

I do have an idea that will make rolling bad packs a little less bad though

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I hope this 25/2 with the new event, to return the legendary guaranteed, pls Devssssss!!!

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Save your gems for the April Fools Day Festival.

Typically one of the best ones of the year, starts 4/1 traditionally :100:

Ok!! Ty Gary

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