back to back festivals??

there was absolutely 0 time to save gems??? why not later in the month or closer to new years or something? isnt this the closest two festivals have been? it hasnt even been a month since the last one…

It’s a way to “entice” you to spend.

That geartyrant is still taunting me…however it’s not worth it. I have learnt my lesson from last time…

I rolled 4 and got cosmo which is not bad. Was hoping for the gear

agreed. i spent on the last one and got 3 legends from 250+ gems. two were dupes. not worth it to spend at all. i learned that lesson the hard way. i was just caught by surprise that another festival came so quickly

It did come after a special egg tho. The next one is also really soon on Christmas so i do expect this one to end a special egg then festival again

I did one and got midasdragon!!

oh man congrats. great pull!

2 rare eggs an only two SE… Buuuuut 10-1 egg an i got gearog and grimly… Gearog… Nice :slight_smile:

death sentences for everyone!!
I would love to roll a geartyrant. I’ll just keep dreaming…

Still no luck for me, did 3… Nothing!! Lvl 73 wth no legends yet! Damnn…
I dont think tht ppl who pays get more chance thn ppl who dont? Its 50/50 right?
Come on devs! Help me out here!!!

it’s okay tbh,people who pay to play will spend if the festival eggs happens every day,and others will just sit and watch and play with SE and epic monsters

Think ill stop playing for a while…drives ne nuts!! Did another 2… Nothing!

Guys, frikin be patient. The chances for a legendary are low, you know this. Your quitting because you didn’t get the 10% chance for a legendary? The luck will go your way eventually. Just did for me when I got nothing from my 10 in 1 last festival.

I like this thing where they replace the specials with festivals. This means you have to pick and choose your legends rather then just spin every time you have an egg. Sometimes you will have to ignore the urge to spin and save for the 10 in 1. Self control = legendaries.

i am not stopping at all ,i am just bored of facing players with 8 leg in pvp while i am playing with full SE and epic monsters
how am i going to be stronger in this game and play better if i am opening eggs and getting dupes for the last 2 month?

After my warca I went for 4 months without a legendary. I still managed to get to top 10 with that.

Improve yourself and your team. Every time you get a legend, it almost always completely scrambles your team and you have to rebuild it from the ground up. Your team right now has an opportunity to be really strong because you haven’t gotten another legend. So you have more time to work on your team.

Hell I can’t believe that I’ve just pulled 4 legends from only one 10in1 egg. Geartyrant, Bursalot, Rexo’s fire element version and a Nebel dupe…have to collects fruits now lol

Still I hate the game for all those bugs. If the bugs won’t disappear in the next update I’m out of this shit

congrats man enjoy those monsters
i am now saving gems for my 10 in 1 hopefully something good will appear if not i think i will quit this game
and leave it for the people who spend 1000s on it every month

@heros: nice hatch man!!
@alisnowpy: exactly!
@zard: i understand,but its freakinly insane not to have legends…lol. Im not quiting, ive beatn ppl in pvp tht has some of the best legends wth my SE team… Kinda feels good lol…(except for u guys).

I totally know that feeling, don’t worry. My first account had no legends for 5 months. So I decided to restart and reroll until I got shadowyrm. Now look at where I am :).

I had no legendaries until I got SoulStealer after atrahasis fight.
I got Dolpheonix & lava recently