How to Obtain : Evolves from Blazenort.
Stars : 6
Element : Fire
Type : Beast
Abilities :
Bash: This ability targets up to 1 enemies. Deals 24-29 Physical damage (Fire). TU: 160.

Inferno: This ability targets all enemies. Deals 14-17 Magical damage (Fire). TU: 200.

Chain Fang: This ability targets up to 1 enemies. Splashes damage to enemies that are of the same element as the first target. Deals 16-19 Physical damage (Fire). TU: 100.

Last Stand: This ability targets up to 1 enemies. Effects increased by 700% if alone in your party in a battle. This ability is ineffective if there are other Arkadions in your party. Deals 9-11 Physical Damage (Earth). TU: 50.

Stats :
Health: 39
Attack: 18
Magic: 18
Speed: 14
Defense: 31
Resist: 31
Evolution Chain :



Evolves At
Level ?
Fusions :
No Recipes.

Couldn’t you just post all the starters in one thread and have a spoiler for each one’s family…?

We’re putting each monster in a separate topic because we don’t like massively large topics. 

We have a Monster List to connect all of these topics into a centralized location, though, so that they don’t get lost in the mess of topics.

Yes but spamming the where’s the monster thing isn’t the solution either…

It’s for the Wiki, Flygon. We want the Wiki to advertise the forums, so people won’t keep migrating to the wiki instead of checking the Where’s That Monster forum.

(/._.) I know. Reseter. My point is why fill forums with the stats like this.

So we can link the Wiki’s monster list to the forum?

I’m not sure why we can’t just put a big ole URL to the forum on the Wiki, but I guess some people just skip over that and go straight to the list and never know about the forums. Our goal is to get more people.

No. I meant I get the whole please avoid using wiki thing. But there is probably a better way to post all the starter stats n such.

This isn’t just about stats. It’s about location, a picture, evolution families, abilities, etc. I want to include a lot of information. This is supposed to be in-depth, like a wiki page would have been. I can’t include such in-depth information for 360 monsters all in one topic. 

The topic wouldn’t even be able to be posted, because there’s a limit on how many images there can be in a topic. And the same goes for spoilers.

… I thought we were linking each individual wiki page to these topics?

Yes, we are. But that’s not the only reason we’re doing this. We also want to provide in-depth information, since the wiki won’t have it anymore.

Well, that’s true.

What about the other pages? Things about towns, characters, etc?

We’ll bring it all over here… somehow. Bringing it over is the easy part, keeping it organized is not as easy. We could have 500 pinned topics, but then that’s not a bit organized either.

We’ll have to think about that!

Haha! Maybe we can ask Lars or someone to make a thread totally dedicated to the Wiki.

I would have thought one thread for each evolution family would help organize them better.  Not talking 500 Arks in one thread.  Just 3 or 4 at max.  

Usually when looking over a certain type, you want to know what it’s evolution does anyway.  But this way you have to go to a separate thread entirely.  Just my 2 cents.