How to Obtain : Evolves from Hogfire.
Stars : 8.5
Element : Fire
Type : Beast
Abilities :
Bash: This ability targets up to 1 enemies. Deals 54-66 Physical damage (Fire). TU: 160.

Inferno: This ability targets all enemies. Deals 31-38 Magical damage (Fire). TU: 200.

Chain Fang: This ability targets up to 1 enemies. Splashes damage to enemies that are of the same element as the first target. Deals 36-44 Physical damage (Fire). TU: 100.

Last Stand: This ability targets up to 1 enemies. Effects increased by 700% if alone in your party in a battle. This ability is ineffective if there are other Arkadions in your party. Deals 19-24 Physical Damage (Earth). TU: 50.

Stats :
Health: 62
Attack: 40
Magic: 40
Speed: 18
Defense: 55
Resist: 55
Evolution Chain :



Evolves At
Doesn’t Evolve.
Fusions :
Dreadwolf: Soltusk + Glazio.