Hey guys, did you notice?

I found a good number of players really like to quit in master league recently. No I don’t scramble them. But for example, I knock their ShadowStalker back, they quit, I kill their Triphoon, they quit, I use combined like Stegospike+germknight, they quit… It happened almost lay like half half to the opponents I met. I remember when I was in Expert league, people are less likely to quit. They usually fight to the end.

Lol I can’t get through the rookie league… With good monsters

They know they lost, I guess.

Some possible reasons:

  1. They quit so they can play easier battle instead of losing after 20 mins battle

  2. They force quit so no loss counted

  3. There’s a known exploit that seems like quitting on opponent’s side.

  4. They lost connections

  5. Dc bug

  6. Disconnected from servers.

  7. They are waiting to play with their friends & didn’t meet their friends instead they found you lol….

Try strategize them, read TIB’s posts. There’s lots of good strategies do not need the best arks but still manage to win :slight_smile:

Hey Taj, how to do invite battles in a easy way? I always have to tap the bar on top of the screen but if I miss it, I just can’t find it again. I wonder did I miss any points? It seems hard for me to do friendly battles in an efficient way. How do you manage to do it? :slight_smile:

Same thing. Same problem… Just had to re-invite… normally the second time is fine… Every once a while if you swipe ur phone down, the notification of that person inviting could be there…

Not sure if it’s GC or HI problem…

This kind of thing happens all the time. Once I got a 10 win streak because i ran into a guy ten times in a row who disconnected because I scrambled his team all ten times lol

& they didn’t get demoted? Then it’s an exploit…

I really hate scramble, but unfortunately I don’t have ShadowStalker > < my point is, I can’t do the same to those who would scramble me T T

Same think yesterday ! 11 wins streak because 5 leaves after scamble or againststroke …