Help with ultraevolve (Which one)

Biledragon or Freeznix?

Eventually I’ll get both ultraevolved but wondering which I should do first? Biledragon seems underpowered compared to freeznix. Dunno what skills they get ultraevolved though.

incase biledragon goes into banedragon than he´s one of the best sweeper(might be the best) in the game. 

could be mistaken and biledragon is something else.

Depends on the rest of your team. If you are poison heavy go with bile. If not you might want to wait. I think freezenix is getting changed ability wise, as he is currently the most worthless legendary, so you might want to wait and see how that turns out.

@codex21: Hatewyrm -> Biledragon -> Terrordragon

Terrordragon is one of the strongest Poison Monsters in the game if used correctly

Freeznix is currently considered as one of the less useful monsters. He may be buffed in the future. But only devs could say when and if, at least there is a lot discussion about it.

I would go for Terrordragon. But let’s see what others say.

Biledragon does not turn into banedragon

Totaly terror, as sparta said,he is one or i would dare say the best monster in pvp if used correctly, u still need some support monsters for him but he is awesome, go for him

Awesome thanks y’all! I really need help building a good lineup but dunno how to post my screenshots from my phone…?

Go to full version, top right it says reply click it, then you should see the attach files bottum, select then attach.



Upload them to imgur and then copy the link they give you, you can use that to post it here.

Also for team help you’re better off using the rate/build my team thread pinned at the top

terrodragon with poison revenger is a sweet sweep

I would say depends on what the OP plays mostly of and enjoys the most. 

If Ultimate challange, I would recommend freeznix

If PVP, definitely biledragon