They should increase the maximum training points

I think that for many it is a bit awkward the maximum points you can have to train a monster, I think it would be very good if instead of 99 it was 150 the maximum since no 6 or 7 star monster trains with that amount.
Every time you get a legendary or mythical you have to repeat on numerous occasions phases that you already won to receive training points. Another solution would be to create a site within the game that is only to obtain training points although I believe that the first option is more than public taste. I would like the developers to tell me about it.


Yeah max training point to 99 is too low.


Make it 1000. I’m not kidding.

nah it should be 999

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Agreed, 999 is far more perfect of a number

I’ll settle for that

I honestly feel like 200 would be sufficient. It generally takes about ~140 sessions to train a legend, and most of the time you’ll never have more than 16 new ones to train at a time, so you can finish everyone up at once and have a nice little 60 to spare in case there’s a straggler or two. Once that’s over you should have no trouble getting back up to 200 by the time your next volley comes in.

I think when this was brought up before people agreed on 200 and the Devs were quite happy with the idea but they said they’ll do it in the future or something along those lines.

It also happens to me with training fruits, I am already 99 fruits old and I get 3 or 4 in a friend’s chest for free, I no longer have monsters to train, so to play I have to sell, it would be good to also increase the fruits to 200

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Well you just said you don’t have any monsters to train so why would you want 100 more fruits? :joy: