Help with time Attack

Guys i need help to complete time Attack, i’m at the ninth battle at 3.00, do you know any monster which can help me? I don’t have captainwhiskers, that’s my problem. Thanks!

This is the team the i use now.

Wow your team is very much like the one I use and we weirdly have exactly the same mythics… it’s like I’m staring at my own account.

I would say your team is fine to do it but you need to shift a few things around…

  1. Put Nightlord in front of Delugazar (sets up Delugazar immediately and gives safer sweeping as well as supporting FL more)

  2. Put Nulltron and the TT in front of Aegisdragon, probably Nulltron first (after FL you have basically just Delugazar as a sweeper, you need a second one here)

  3. Move Centaureon in front of Galliodragon (Galliodragon is basically your backline which you’ll lose if you have to go behind him, he’s your last bit of stun)

  4. If you have another shocker then put them it your team, between Nulltron and TT

  5. Have a look through your monsters to see if you’ve got any more sweepers that will be good for this. Placing one instead of Centaureon if you have it

Edit: Another strategy involves using Soulstealer with stun. If you have Soulstealer you can use it with a fast (2*) monster with sendback and go into a shocking entrance monster before the DSA. You then go through a couple of stun bombs and skip with all your monsters to have the enemy FL all die very quickly.

However, personally I’ve found OoO more consistent than stun because of all the stun immune/converter/counter/absorber monsters out there.

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Awesome, i’ll do some changes and see how it goes, thanks a lot. Btw i used your video to make my team, this is why it is very similar to your👍

I passed it with this team, until the marking is “important” after it is filled.


Finally i finished it.

first time for me!

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i managed to complete it with this team.I think this is the fastest way to do it,at least for me

Congrats! I hope it didn’t take too many retries! The last ~4 battles on 3:00 are a massive pain if you can’t get a high win percentage.

If the enemy FL is possible to stun then that’s the fastest way I think. Looks great

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Yee that was a pain but i actually managed to pull it off,i saw your video btw i was going to attempt a similar stat but unfortunately y didn’t had captainwhiskers.

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I finished it with void and poison :sweat_smile:

Same, i used this team, similar to killerdog’s strategy but without captainwhiskers