Help with okkult's invitation

Guys, i want that secret reward but i cant finish the event, what kind of team did you use to beat the forth Battle? I’m trying different strategies, but nothing seems to work

Make sure you use lots of stun monsters


At least someone responded to this :joy:


Rewards is 1 rare gem. And most mons in last stage use multiple target poison attacks. So try using aurodragon somehow. That’s the only way I can think. Or if u have purify all , it could come in handy

yes aurodragon is helpful but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Maybe i won’t finish it now that i know that the reward is only one rare gem. Thank you anyway!

Geartyrant and sleepers/healers should do it

I used my regular stun team and beat it.

@Mr.X I just made that joke on this post, cmon now

I wasnt joking. Tho i really did

Ty guys i did it with Gear, finally

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Pics or it didn’t happen @Mr.X

Lets not give him attention