Hunter Island Promo Ideas!

Okay guys, i think i have a pretty good idea on how to get more downloads/players AND reward the current players  :wink: . So i have seen this done in many other popular games and think its a really good idea. So what should happen is that Hunter Island is the game should implement a referral system. So every player that downloads the game gets a referral code, for example i download hunter island and my referral code is 32AB, so i tell my friend to download the game, and when he downloads it, the game asks him if he was referred to this game by anyone else… My friend types in the code i gave him 32AB and when he does he gets a reward and i get a reward. This makes it so the current players will actively seek out friends so they can give them a refferal code and get that reward, and new people might want to download the game now, knowing that they have a referral code from a friend and will get say a FREE 100 gold or something… Furthermore, once the friend enters his referral code and gets a prize, he himself can refer another friend and the repetition continues… I am not sure about the rewards, but i think a good reward is a free 100 gold per player referred for both sides, and on maybe the 5th referral you get upgraded to 200 gold and on the 10th referral its 1 gold egg…

Another idea is using social media to this games advantage. There should be an option to “share this game on facebook” or “tweet about us” EVERY DAY, not just a one time prize… So for everyday i tweet or share this game on facebook., i move up on the tiers to a prize… After i say tweet about this game, once a day for say a week, i get a free Gold Egg… For example, i get the option to share this game on facebook on Monday, i share it, the option is closed for a day… Then Tuesday comes around and the option resets again, and i share the game again, now i have 2 consecutive days, jump forward to Sunday, i share this game and i get a Free Gold egg for sharing this game 7 times every day…

What are your thoughts and do you guys have any other ideas? Thanks :ph34r:

I support everything that Will promote this forum

the game will blow up right before your eyes. just watch, everyone wants some pokemon/yogioh on their ipod/ipad and this beats it! and the fact you can battle online is great. except for people with beasty teams lol some guys i can’t even attack they str8 demolish my whole squad

Those ppl are hackers and Those Will be taken care off after the update