Help please?!

Hi I’m stuck on the “audience with the emperor” challenge does anyone have any suggestions as to how to pass this

Can you send pictures of the monsters you have?

It’s a little tricky. You need something on the front line that can purify, and any monster that has protector killer, i.e. leobolt and catobledus, and maybe some poison eaters to do a little extra damage. I just waited until the nightlord and taloknight were in play, and started stunning. It doesn’t affect atrahasis, but it does blow the others back a good long way. Then only my starter remained, and I just last standed him. It takes several hits, and Atrahasis will land at least one hit. If he dusks your fully evolved starter at full hp, I’m not certain, but it should leave him with a small amount of health left, with hold ground not yet triggered. You do not want to be left with only 1 hp after atrahasis is down, though, because then killing the nightlord OR the taloknight will spell your doom. I put a halohare right next to mine at the back, to stealth him so that he wouldn’t get hit by the dusk just yet. Here’s my full solution-