Last battle

What monsters have unwanted friend?

Oroblazer, Carnofrost, Luxyrion.

Thanks a ton!

Apparently Dualdragon as well, but it’s not released in eggs yet.

Feels like there’s barely any monsters with Unwanted Friend, would make Atrahasis a looooot easier…

If you don’t have a unwanted friend monster a bloodcrave throw monster works really well that’s what I used to beat astrahasis

I just kept hitting it and it died

There are many strategies you can work with to deal with Atrahasis. Unwanted friend seems to be the easiest one.

I pretty much used a stun absorb/purify lead with a protector killer along with a poison eater and a give turn monster. Then keep bringing in poison eaters and bloodcrave/survivor monsters and then end with a last stand or last biter.

You can use this as a reference if it helps

I’m completely stuck on Atrahasis without an Unwanted Friend or a Bloodcraver. I’ve gotten close with Last Stand, but his Dusk (all) attack partnered with all the other threats (Nukespider, Taloknight) effectively crush me.

Can you give an updated image of your team and your monsters available?

Later today when I’m not so busy I’ll try to upload a pic

Here is my team
I rely on Griffclaw and Shivotra along with the fire camel guy protector to keep alive Necrowing and Magmahorn
Oops pic isn’t there
Ah here it is

Thanks guys for the responses! Still stuck on it but getting there lol