Help me set up team for SC extreme lv 2

So I can get omegamid…
And revolve my legendaries

Hi Guys, some help would be appreciated! 

I can’t get past lv 2 and get my omegamid… 

Note: This is new SC lv 2 that just came out today.  one with Leo and that pink dog ghost thingy. 

Damn shame you can’t evolve doom or shadow, they’d pair amazingly with shiva. Try just going for a sleep lock with shadow, Revan(NOT ragnawolf), doom and a tank, then move into penguini as a last resort. He’s always a strong option for scb.

I know I can’t evolve my legendaries and I keep missing out on Omegamid because it’s too tough or require some strategy which is commonly not available for everyone. 

thing is I think they updated AI to kill last bitters. Soon as my penguinini enters, they focus him hard.

Try sticking a protector or two In the back with him, so as long as it’s only him and them left the enemy will be forced to leave Don for last, plus they can keep the poison off.

Tried that. it’s not working because enemies have 2-3 sweepers active :stuck_out_tongue:

So they kill my penguini before my tank can use protect or just sweeps both of them.  Sometime when my penguine survives I am forced to use life flip.  But then that is 100 seconds. so it dies before it turns come back. 

Knock back is a good way to shut sweepers down. Try Remus or Parasardon, they could also accelerate don and make him more efficient.

1st line is so difficult… with 2 auto protect and 1 has camo.  Also, leo just pile up on cresent strike.

If i use knock back, next in line up wipes my monsters out…

I can’t get my chain up and everything just dies before I manage to kill 2-3 enemies. 

Please don’t post redundant threads, it creates clutter.

It’s not a redundant post imo.

  1. I was asking about team
    Creation. Not many look at it as they have to think and see which monsters I have.
  2. I was asking what strategy they used to beat sc lv 2. So if they already used that strategy it’s easier for them to reply and I might get some help.

I beat it with lots of luck and some strategy.

Here is my team if anyone wants help

Was going to post in team help thread… anyways need that omegamid. But cannot crack the challenge. Attached is the main mons I have to play with.

Tried poison, knockback, stun - no luck. That’s just how solid the challenge team is imho.

Any ideas on a team formation?

Try sleep lock strategy. That’s what I used

What is the sleep lock strategy? I can’t find it on YouTube or the forums

Sleep doesn’t work for me as I don’t have enough of them to sustain the strategy. And the monsters that get instant turn KOs the ones I do have.

I’ll second, what is sleep lock? I’ll also second that sleep never works for me. Even playing sleep all 3 turns in a row rarely puts more than one monster to sleep. Am I just unlucky?

Sleep all doesn’t work as good… I think it has like 10% lol imo.

Sleep lock is having “sleep” as skill. So have 2 monsters with sleep and a tank. Keep putting monsters to sleep while your protector protects them. And then keep killing 1 by 1. And soon as new one enters battle field put them in sleep. Keep repeating.
Watch YouTube videos where people fight lv 1000+ UC.

Sleep locking means to basically render your enemy powerless by keeping everything asleep and also sleeping every enemy that comes on the field, so regardless of how far behind you are it can make an easy victory provided you’re lucky enough or the enemy doesn’t have a counter prepared.

Non legendary Sleep all does have awful odds, but considering all 4 enemies are affected it seems like kind of a fair trade. Soulstealer and Sanctistag have significantly higher success rates though.