HELLO,Good morning

Good morning. I would like to spend a minute to introduce myself to you. My name is Dave Brown, I came from Shanghai and I am 26 years old.

Good Morning Dave,

Welcome to the Neo Monsters community i wish you to have a lot of fun with us,here you can find a lot of good people willing to help others with whatever they need,also i would suggest you to read a bit more about the forum sections there is a specific section where users can introduce themselfs to others but since you are new to the forum there is no problem,

Wish you a great experience with Neo Monsters.

Best Regards,


Jake, man your like two different people, Line vs. forum jake… HAHAHA

Welcome Dave! I hope you will like this forum also. It is a forum full of unlucky players but still happy with every 5 gems they win because they really believe they will hatch a legendary someday… ;D

Oke I admit. That’s is just me… :frowning: I hope you will have more luck or enough money to spend…

I’m sharing the same luck lately so you’re not alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahah. You have at least 8 legendaries! So please…! ;D

Fair enough,anyway we are going OT here so yeah i’m giving bad example to the new mate here.

welcome to forum …have a great time


Afternoon after twelve pm today good see y an kind words y sent on here