In ultimate challenge a hacker appeare up to at rank 157
I not have a proof but I’m see he in friend selection he was on H.R. 23 and sharing a ultimadragon
Believe me he was a hecker

Or I request to devs their are many heckers in the game who disbalance top tire players strategy and ranking

What the heck

named-“ssj zaid and ss” her HR was only 23 and he sharing an ultimadragon(ultro-evo)
And he was friend of my low level account

Dont worry they will ban him if he really violated some ingame terms etc


Well, I always consider UC as HF (H acker feast)  :P ~~

Devs do routine clean up of hackers - they will all be removed in a couple of days.  UC is good to out most of the hackers :slight_smile:

All Hacker will be removed
And the devs make ultimate challenge for ban or removing hacker

Hackers are being remove now. Last time i’m on rank 380 now 295. Satisfied!

yes I’m too from rank 280 to 175