Has anyone beaten the emporer?

Hey guys i need help. Theres like no way for me to beat the emporor since all he does is summon more monsters. Anyone beat him yet?

Many people have beaten him. Do you have a monster with the “Unwanted Friend” skill? If not you will have to use an alternate method. Please post screenshots of what monsters you have in your possession by going to: Monsters -> List view

Damn i dont have a monster with that skill. How can i post screenshots on here?

I bet it without unwanted friend i just kept attacking it until he died

What attacks did you use? Currently attacks im using arent as powerful

I beat it without Unwanted Friend as well but that’s not the point here.

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Mostly poison eater with omegawyrm and protecting him

I beat him without Unwanted Friend as well-- I started out with a Purify-Protector, a Poison Eater, a Reckless Accelerator, and a Protector Killer. The plan was to just tunnel on the boss and ignore his Auto-Protects, hoping the nukes get through while the Protect Killer took care of them. After that, I had Stun Bombers (to keep the Talos/Nightlord/Spider at bay), more nukers, Stealth Teammates, and Heal Alls lined up to keep the DPS going until my Starter could clean up the remaining summons with Last Stand.

But your own strategy will really depend on what monsters you specifically have to work with.