How to beat The First One???

How have you beat the first one? The closets I’ve gotten was by only using Don Penguini via Last Bite but clearly that hasn’t worked :confused: What have you done?

Sorry, i can’t remember

What is this ?
Count lector ??
Use dragia to lastbite

People can’t really help you without seeing your monsters.
Edit: I assume you are talking about The First One astrahasis, the offline story mission, correct me if I’m wrong.

All the dragias attacks instakill this is an impossible battle =/

Well I just used unwelcome friends and then took it down slowly to around 25% then skipped all and tried to burst it down. However if you don’t have unwelcome frien/entrance things get harder. Post your team it would help considerably

I stunned his summoned monsters, and did last stand with my starter. Try something like that.

You must kill one of his monster and then use sacrifice revival to bring back his monster to your side then you will win because you now have last bite and will be able to use it multiple times before he can attack you again.

I’m pretty sure I just managed to use bloodthirst with Lunaverios like twice and he died haha if you have a bloodthirst monster try having a go with that!

I pulled it of with only penguini on my team