The One After Grand Champion

Hey guys, seen some threads on this and still can’t manage to beat the sucker. He annoys me to the max. :slight_smile: I know people have like three monster team strategies and even some with full teams, would be very much appreciated if some fine person would impart their knowledge onto me :smiley: Thanks for viewing and I’ll post my team down below

Try to kill two reinforcements with your Fundraiser, and then Bloodcrave will really hurt! Having a Stun Absorb out for the Horse’s entrance helps.

Personally I found starting the battle with four Poison Eaters and letting them be massacred was decent for damage and allowed for you to bring exactly the monsters you want as he begins to summon things. Protector Killer is nice to trim away the golden bozos quickly.

It’ll probably take a few tries to get the timing right, (and Taloknight may ruin things if he Death Revenges the wrong monster) but I managed to beat him before he could summon another round of pals.

Thanks man will look back on this for help, thanks

Dude finally beat him! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: Everything you said worked great, added a little personal stuff at the end, but it worked. Thanks

Team I beat him with

Awesome! :slight_smile: