Harbinger of Eternal Slumber Event

So based off the name I’m jumping head first into the conclusion that the legendary will be a sleep mon. But with these events they usually introduce a cool new skill. Necromancy, double retribution.

Any thoughts on how or what this mons skill set might be if it is a sleep mon, and what skill would you like to see?

My guess is he puts enemies into a longer sleep. Perhaps with a double dreamhunt but really low speed. Like bane’s double eater.

Put all monster to sleep, like sleep enterance

Sleep entrance to all would be way too brutal.

Making gems even more necessary for the other even.

Imagine if they give him stun counter or poison immune lol. Double dreamhunt is not out of the possibility either I guess.

Accelarate Team, give turn, polareon, monster with stepback and the new monster with sleep entrance to all :smiley: Sounds fun :smiley:

Sleep entrance all can’t happen… Surely lol。

Double potent sleep or double sleep entrance maybe lol.

Tbh eternal slumber could just mean death. Might not be sleep related .

If it’s a top tier sleep monster I’d be kinda shocked to be honest

Sleep has been very op in both pve and pvp by bringing out a strong sleeper they will make everyone spend big again in hopes to hatch him and at the same time they will probs lower the chances of hatching him so we have to spend more :joy:

In hunter island there was a move called stasis where you put an enemy to sleep 100% but you could not attack him. Could be that move coming back. Only kamiwyrm had it on hunter island

My wallet… Ryan pls… Don’t do this :smiley:

With my luck…i’ll probably wouldn’t get it or any new legend for that matter. Seems like sleep is going to be promoted even more for pvp.

I would rather see some work on making stun more useful again sleep and posion are strong enough.

Stun strategy died as soon as leogeist was introduced. Only late game stun is viable nowadays…

As long as that mon is about there is little point in improving stun…

Leogeist is not really a problem in the higher tiers, not sure how it is in the lower tiers. My point is sleep and posion are both plenty strong now. The new first one is most likely only going to make the sleep teams more powerful which is unnecessary at this point. There is really no counter to sleep other than banedragon and purify, and if your purify monsters are put to sleep it is game over.

idk, there’s always knock back. And before leogeist there was already stun absorbers, which are almost as much a threat and are far more common.

Yeah, in the higher tiers it’s not really a problem. However in the top tier there is hardly any stun in teams which are mainly sleep or poison oriented. I do want stun to be improved but leogeist makes stun less desirable to use, especially for other players in the lower tiers who tend to run a lot of stunners.

You can’t always knock it back if it has good support. You can’t sweep with stun absorbers…

Stun absorbers can easily be dealt with after absorbing stun (e.g timestrike) however stun counter allows geist to keep charging its crescendo strike after each stun attempt.

Essentially if you have geist then there is little point in using an absorber as well…

Ok he has

megalux(single target)

Sleep grenade (100tu) sacrifice last monster

Dream hunt

Twin entrance passive.

I try find his last move not on his final form yet

That is. . . Best sleep monster yet. People will pay out the nose for him. No idea what the devs were thinking. One of the only monsters that can sleep lock a team by himself.

Goodbye wallets this monster will have players spend 1000s for a chance at a sleep legend

Woah now this is an OP monster whatever way you look at it. Twin summon entrance & sleep grenade?!?

whaaaaaa i feel happily surprise on 3rd STAGE OF ETERNAL SLUMBER

yet sad coz i have no chance to defeat it :slight_smile:

my team wipe out before REXO :-0