hello I’ve been playing this game for a while and I’ve been in groups of it, my account is only mine and I sent the code to my other phone to remember it but I did it through whatsapp and I suspect it was hacked since they entered they deleted the monsters and put by name mamatela, I hope you can verify what happened, thank you

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Are u sure u didn’t just give them the code

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I’m safe, I just wanted them to verify if the hack was in the game account or in my whatsapp

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They told me that they could help me here, but I have no answer, someone can help me

I do not know if this is a translation error or not but you are saying that you were in a group and you sent the restore code through there. Maybe someone in the group entered your restore code and deleted your monsters.

This is the only situation I could think of because whats app cant be just hacked. I do not think hackers would know what the code is for.

Do not waste your time asking for help. You are better off starting over a new account. Firstly, clear data on the app and keep rolling till you hatch a legendary monster. Then start playing from there. I wish you luck.