Hacker alert!

I had a conversation with a guy in LDN Tio OoO video, he sent me his friend code : 87173734

Have a look into it @Killerdog

I talked to him too before you I told him too that he is using hacks but he said he did not use it

He said that whenever he used lucifelle on his team and played using her it said invalid monster



Lol this guy said the same thing on discord :joy:

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He just downloaded the game using hack and got banned

Oh damn yeah, that’s the Discord guy!

He got busted in .02 seconds.

Oh it was you, yeah he was hardcore claiming that he’s not a hacker.

@Reigen Yeah he was telling he paid to get lucifelle but I know it’s impossible to getlegendary ingredients in just level 26
But I think this topic is finished because the hacker has been banned so this post should be locked now

i was about to throw hands :triumph::triumph::triumph:

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I hope it is not your account, and the least I hope is that they have passed your friend number with false photos… I calculate that the Devs check before deleting… right? Haha!

It’s not him, that guy just appeared in his video. Btw, tell him he’s the saviour of the noobs. When I was a newcomer, his videos helped me so much


Thanks for the clarification =)

I also give him a hand by uploading videos, it is good to collaborate and help others :smiley:


This is his friends acc

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lmao looks like he is getting the ban hammer


But unfortunately he didn’t mention the name nor friendcode

They have the hero rank and ign so it’ll be an instant ban if it doesn’t change. If it does change it might take a bit but he will be banned eventually.

It LoOkS fAiR fOr Me


@Killerdog close this thread