hack (we are actively banning hackers and cheaters) ?????

Im loosing connection mid match in pvp,It shows reconnecting and im automatically defeated.Thats happened with me a few times now.
I suspect it is a hack.In many other pvp games, i have seen such hacks in which opponent disconnects automatically and othe player wins.Or it could be nothing.

Also Accelerate team dont seem to work in pvp.

Don’t think it’s hackers as it has happened to me in matches with people I know wouldn’t cheat. I think it’s still servers and a relatively new system and battles across countries relying on both parties connection. I think there is an issue where it disconnects and reconnects on the server side but on the client side it never updates for us while the battle timer keeps counting and we are stuck on s frozen screen until it gives you the loss. It’s happened to me 2/3 times today

happend to me aswell but i somehow got the win :smiley:

Lol @ the insert when you say ch3at or h4ck

Not only you, i lost 6 ticket today bcs this

Best when the condition like this and you got dc

Is there a reason why everyone someone mentions ‘hack’ or ‘cheat’ in their post, it states, (we are actively banning hackers and cheaters) afterwards?

It’s not a big problem, I’m just curious.

i think its made from the devs every time u write “hack” or “cheat” it appears behind so all know that they’re working on banning hackers

This actually makese win sometimes… It aint a hack, just connection/server problems

I hope it is not cheating because it keeps happening to me!!!:triumph::triumph:. It’s hard enough for me for me to find a match. Add on top of that that I can’t even finish a match without automatically losing because of this. Going to make it hard to get them potions. :triumph::triumph::triumph: I have good wifi connection also so it’s not on my end!

It’s not a hack, if it does it it’s just server problems like what Jeremy said

I dc 6 times this morning it can be worse lol