Guilds and Guild Wars

I told some of my friends about this great game. And then they asked me if there was a guild in this game. And I say ‘no’. You know the next story.

Anyways, talking about guild, is the devs thinking about this? I know that right at this moment they have various problems dealing with PVP and hackers but I just think that this topic is good for discussion.

For me it is a good idea but I also know that it is another big tasks for the devs.

Right now, I am really enjoying this game. Have a great health devs and mods!

Shouldn’t this be in the Bugs&Sugesstions thread?

Urgh guilds. Whilst I enjoy the idea of having guilds in a game, I have a serious issue with the sense of self importance ‘top ranked’ guildes seem to have in ALL multiplayer IOS games (Small gaming device, big egos). I highly doubt such a mindset will not manifest in Hunter Island if they were introduced.

It’s not…spirited competition on this platform, rather more brutish; with guilds ostrisising the weak to get ahead. If Hunter Island was on a proper console, I’d say ‘Yes great idea, because player ego is lost in a sea of millions of other players and I don’t have to see or hear it’, but it’s not and I’d rather not have to deal with imbeciles in their petty guilds

Sorry Jeanette, if you found that this thread is out of place. I really select general discussions.

Harsh words Slycrg, but I agree in some contents. But guilds can also be balanced right(?). But normally, people don’t want difficult rules. :slight_smile:

I’ve had a bad experience with guilds. Not sure this game needs them. Just creates more aggression and people get, in lighter terms, twitchy and fights can happen. And I do kinda agree on what sly said. Its better on other apps that are made for them. Otherwise they get clustered and cause issues. Such as fighting or bashing. … and etc. Pretty much my biggest argument about guilds is the tension it can create. Not to mention pvp adds a lot of comp, since people are fighting over diamonds for rank boosters and pvp rewards